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Who we are
The Uganda Association of Ireland is an unincorporated association foster unity and linkage between Ugandans in Ireland, Irish and all other cultures, communities in The Republic of Ireland. The association provides a forum for exchange of ideas & knowledge, promotion and decimation of information regarding Uganda. It acts as a bridge for the promotion of unity and mutual respect among the various nationalities, cultures, tribes that make up present day Uganda.

During the early 90’s a group of Ugandans, along with some Irish friends came together to look at ways of celebrating at a social level. With their Irish friends (some who had worked in and/or had an interest in Uganda, and friends alike) the Ugandans, formed “Friends of Uganda”, a social group that would get together in celebration and commemoration of the Republic’s independence from British colonial rule and the Uganda’s Marty’s day.
With the growing numbers and success of Friends of Uganda, it was proposed that a formal organisation be created to promote the history, culture and people of Uganda. In 2004, Uganda Association of Ireland was formally launched to represent Ugandans and friends alike.
A constitution was drawn up stating out the associations aims, membership, management committee and officers, annual and special meetings.

Ugandan Association has since grown as an umbrella organisation for the entire Ugandan community, Africans, Irish, friends and all those that have a love or interest for all things Ugandan. Its main objectives are the promotion of Uganda-Irish relations through Music, Education, Culture & traditional fashion. Uganda Association of Ireland reaches out to Ugandans in Ireland in a sprit of respect, trust & mutual support. The commemoration of the Uganda Martyr’s Day and celebration of Uganda’s Independence Day.

Our vision is for an integrated Irish society of Ugandan, Irish and friends with mutual respect of each other’s gender and culture.

The Association aims to broaden the awareness and understanding of Ugandan culture by actively promoting Uganda, its people, the beauty & richness it’s diverse culture. It aims to do this through the promotion of Uganda-Irish relations through Music, Education, Culture & traditional fashion.

Core Values

Non discriminate Umbrella Organisation
Open membership to every Ugandan and anyone that has a love & interest in all things Ugandan and/or African

Bridging the gap between Ugandan and Irish people by actively bringing the two together to give an understanding of the two cultures and values

Gender Balance
Equal opportunity & respect is given to both sexes by the committee and it’s members. The committee has an equal gender representation from the Chairperson to volunteers.

Care & Support to Ugandan Diaspora
Bringing people together to lend a hand to a brother in need and help celebrate Achievements, goals or occasions.

An umbrella organisation that brings Ugandans, Irish, Africans and everyone together thru the love of the country and everything African. With an Open membership policy, the association welcomes all, supports it’s members through good, bad, happiness whilst giving a sense of belonging.